Yummy Treats and Kawaii buys

Friday, July 23, 2010 0 Comments A+ a-

Went shopping at North Ryde and got some yummy treats from Top Rydes Yen Yen Supermarket and new patisserie Hello Happy!

This biscuit choc dip treat is from Singapore, it reminds me of the Yin yang treats that I normally find at Miracle Supermarkets...except they don't come with sprinkles. The Panda is another Meiji chocolate from Okashi-Land. Meiji is like the Japan version of Cadbury- good chocolate!

Peko is my fave character mascot in Japan, she stands at the front of confectioner/ Patisserie cafe Fujiya. I visited many of these over in Japan. I was ecstatic to find these choc lolly pops of Peko-Chan and her boyfriend Poko-Chan. I will blog more about Peko soon!

Ive been eating Hello Panda's since I was little, my mum worked near Sydney's China Town and ever so often she would buy my sister & I Hello Pandas...or even the Koala ones. I prefer the choc filling ones over strawberry and vanilla. So a visit to any Asian supermarket isn't complete without a Hello Panda purchase. Couldnt believe it when I found this 450gm bucket of them! Hello Pandas started my love for Meiji chocolate.Will be able to keep some other trinkets in it when I'm done :)

Always happy to find new patisseries!!! Found Hello Happy at the new Top Ryde Shopping centre. As well as coffee and hot chocs they do a great selection of cream sponges, berry tarts and mousse cakes. I got this yummy choc mousse with a macaroon.

Kawaii + Cats = best nail clippers E.V.E.R!

I spent weeks hovering in the toy shop, trying to decide if I should buy Buttercup, the sweet unicorn from Toy Story 3...her Kawaii cuteness was just too much so I had to get her!! Doesn't she look lovely on my bookshelf ??